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Understanding my public page

Your public page on BIMINDI is a central space for promoting your personal brand as a feedbacker. It's focused on showcasing your expertise and serves as the primary platform for seekers to discover and book your feedback services.

Header Block

At the top of your public page, you'll find a header block that highlights essential information about you:

  • Your Photo: Your professional photo helps seekers connect with you visually and establish a sense of familiarity.
  • Your Name: Displayed prominently in large font, your name serves as a clear identifier and reinforces your personal brand.
  • Main Feedback Topics: These topics showcase your specialized areas of expertise, giving seekers an immediate understanding of the feedback services you offer.
  • About Me: In a concise section, share a captivating description of yourself and your expertise. Focus on engaging seekers with a few sentences rather than lengthy career details.
  • Feedback Statistics: Displayed prominently, this section shows the number of feedbacks you've already shared, establishing your experience and credibility.
  • Available Slots: This information indicates your current availability for booking feedback requests, allowing seekers to determine your capacity.

Share Button

In the header block, you'll also find a share button that simplifies the sharing of your public page. When clicked, it opens a modal with the following options:

  • Social Network Buttons: Direct buttons to share your public page on popular social networks, making it effortless to promote your services to a wider audience.
  • Copy Link Button: A button that instantly copies the written link to your public page, enabling easy sharing via email, messaging apps, or other platforms.

Feedback Channels

The main section of your public page lists the different feedback channels you have published. Each channel represents a specific area or topic in which you offer feedback services. Seekers can browse through these channels to find the one that aligns with their needs.

Individual Channel Pages

By clicking on a feedback channel, seekers can access comprehensive information about that specific channel. They will find details about the feedback services you provide within that channel, along with a form for booking and paying for a feedback request. This seamless process ensures a convenient experience for seekers.

Your public page is an essential tool for showcasing your expertise and attracting seekers in need of valuable insights. Remember to keep it updated with relevant information to maintain a professional and engaging presence.

Start leveraging your public page on BIMINDI today to connect with seekers and provide them with the feedback they need to enhance their work!

Note: Feedback channels refer to the different specialized areas or topics in which you offer feedback services. These channels allow you to tailor your feedback offerings and cater to the specific needs of seekers.

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