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Understanding Feedback Channels at BIMINDI


At BIMINDI, we provide a platform that facilitates valuable feedback exchanges between feedbackers and seekers. To enhance the feedback experience and cater to the specific needs of seekers, we offer a feature called "Feedback Channels." In this article, we will explore the concept of feedback channels and how they empower feedbackers to provide tailored feedback services to their users.

What is a Feedback Channel?

A feedback channel in BIMINDI refers to a specialized area or topic in which a feedbacker offers their expertise and feedback services. These channels serve as distinct offerings on the feedbacker's public page, where seekers can discover their unique skills and request feedback services tailored to their specific needs.

Creating Your BIMINDI Public Page

To share your feedback with users on BIMINDI, you start by creating your own BIMINDI public page. This page acts as your online presence, where feedback seekers can explore your expertise and request feedback services. Setting up your page is a straightforward process that allows you to showcase your skills effectively.

Offering Feedback Channels

Once you have created your BIMINDI public page, you can start creating feedback channels. These channels represent the different feedback services you offer as a feedbacker. Each channel focuses on a particular area of expertise or feedback offering, allowing you to cater to the diverse needs of feedback seekers.

For example:

  • "How to Improve Your 5-Minute YouTube Video": This channel offers a concise and focused 5-point feedback answer to enhance the quality of feedback seekers' videos.

  • "Deep Analysis of Your 5-Minute YouTube Video": In this channel, you provide a more in-depth and tailored feedback experience for feedback seekers' videos at a different price point.

  • "On-Camera Presence Feedback": This channel focuses on providing feedback and guidance to feedback seekers regarding their on-camera presence.

You can read our Feedback channel examples article in this help center to explore more examples.

By offering multiple feedback channels, feedbackers can provide specialized feedback services, catering to different topics, levels of detail, or feedback styles. This flexibility allows feedbackers to refine their offerings and optimize their feedback delivery based on the needs and preferences of their seekers.

Booking a Feedback Request

As a seeker on BIMINDI, you have the opportunity to select the specific feedback channel that aligns with your needs. Once you have identified the channel that suits your requirements, you can book a feedback request for that particular channel. This ensures that you receive feedback tailored to your desired area of improvement or expertise.


Feedback channels at BIMINDI enable feedbackers to offer specialized and tailored feedback services to their users. By creating distinct feedback channels, feedbackers can optimize their feedback offerings and cater to the specific needs and preferences of seekers. Through the BIMINDI platform, seekers can easily access these channels, book feedback requests, and receive valuable feedback in their chosen areas of focus.

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