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Effective strategies for sharing your page

Sharing your BIMINDI public page is crucial to expanding your audience and attracting more seekers. Here are some effective strategies to promote your page and reach potential supporters:

You will find in different places along the platform a share button that will open a modal window with various sharing options. This button allows you to easily share your page on different platforms and channels, increasing its visibility and reach.

Follow these effective strategies to promote your BIMINDI public page:

  1. Utilize Social Networks:
    • Promote your feedback page on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium, Facebook, and Instagram.
    • Leverage the unique characteristics of each platform to engage with your existing audience and tap into new networks.
  2. Link in Your Bios:
    • Include a direct link to your BIMINDI public page in your social media bios and website.
    • Make it easy for your followers and visitors to access your feedback services and learn more about your expertise.
  3. Promote New Feedback Channels:
    • Whenever you create a new feedback channel, share the details on your social networks.
    • Highlight the unique benefits of each channel and entice seekers to request feedback through them.
  4. Create Engaging Content:
    • Consider creating videos or blog posts that introduce your feedback services and provide valuable insights.
    • Share these content pieces on platforms like YouTube, Medium, or your own blog to attract new seekers.
  5. Leverage Existing Reputation:
    • If you already have a reputation in a specific field or industry, use it to your advantage.
    • Mention your BIMINDI feedback services in professional networks, conferences, webinars, or speaking engagements.
  6. Utilize Messaging Apps and Email:
    • Share your BIMINDI page link through messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram with individuals who might be interested in your feedback services.
    • Include a link to your page in your email signature to promote it to your contacts.

Learn how to promote your feedback in specific social neworks our Grow your feedback seekers category.

Remember, the more you promote your BIMINDI public page through various channels, the greater your chances of attracting seekers and growing your feedback business. Keep exploring new opportunities and monitor the effectiveness of each strategy to refine your approach.

Start implementing these effective strategies today and watch your audience expand on BIMINDI!

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