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At BIMINDI, we believe in the power of feedback. In a world that never stops changing, we see feedback not just as advice, but as the compass guiding us through personal and professional growth with clarity and purpose.

Our Journey to BIMINDI

Our story began with Jaume and Oriol, two professionals with a rich background in coaching and consultancy, where dialogue wasn't just a tool—it was the cornerstone of our approach. We've always operated in tandem, believing firmly in the power of a thinking partnership. It's through our collaborative efforts, often over coffee or during casual meet-ups, that we discovered the profound impact of one-on-one feedback.

This realization sparked the idea for BIMINDI: a platform that embodies our practice of continuous feedback, designed for those crucial moments of connection that encourage us all to strive for better.

Things really took off when Pablo joined the team, a former client turned great colleague. Pablo is a social animal and his rich background in business and startups, combined with an innate gift for bringing people together, injected our shared vision with refreshing energy.

Why We Exist

Everyone has valuable insights to offer, we aim to close the gap between possessing knowledge and making it accessible and impactful for those who seek it.

We are here to prove to you that sharing your knowledge and experiences will have a tremendous impact on other peoples' lives, and your life as well.


At BIMINDI, we believe in the transformative power of sharing. Here, expertise isn't just appreciated: it's rewarded. By sharing your knowledge and experiences, you're not only making a significant impact on others' lives, but also enriching your own. Sharing not only feels good, but it does good.

It isn't everyday that you get the chance to step into unchartered territories of a new category—Feedback as a Service (FaaS), where feedback is a real, valuable exchange. Step in with us on this journey.

Your invitation

BIMINDI is an invitation. An invitation to share, to grow, to connect in ways that matter. It's about recognizing the power of your insights and the impact they can have on the world around you. Join us in a community that values depth, authenticity, and the transformative power of feedback.

The right feedback at the right time can make all the difference.

Welcome to BIMINDI

Your perspective is needed now.

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